Vanilla Mode was launched off the east coast of Florida and was inspired by the beach lifestyle and casual flow of everyday Floridians. We are a family owned online store led by Ivee Kait, a young and creative entrepreneur. It was her dream since the summer 2016, when she was 15, as she started getting more interested in business and social media. As a young model and fashion expert, she was determined to make it a reality. Her goal was simple: to highlight and express your true inner self through fashion and clothing. With her dedication and family support, Vanilla Mode was born.

Our brand name and logo have a simple meaning. It’s the familiar and the classic essence of what makes up “Vanilla” (the scent, the taste… its composition). Mode, similar to Moda, is French for fashion. “Vanilla Mode” simply embodies the essence of fashion. Did we mention we love French Vanilla?!

Teens and young adults all over the world are growing up in a tough society full of stereotypes that often try to dictate how we express ourselves. At Vanilla Mode we believe that no matter the size, the height, the ethnicity, the anything, that being you is more important than conforming to what others think. The most significant thing is being confident in your own natural way. Through fashion we can inspire confidence, uniqueness and passion to empower and transform our generation.